Covid Report

  1. Online delivery of essential commodities to the resident.
  2. Inspection by doctors and staffs from Rynjah Dispensary to all house hold in Nongrim Hills. 
  3. Returnee registration till date – 160 nos  /distribution of food and essentials for the quarantine
  4. Activity distribution of hand sanitizer, Mask and ration to the under-privilege families total 450.
  5. Registration of Daily wage Labourers. 
  6. Distribution of mask, Face Shield and sanitizer to all shops in Nongrim Hills.
  7. Disinfecting the entire locality and the positives cases building.
  8. Distribution of Ration due to containment of Bihari Compound 105 families.
  9. Visiting and follow-up of all quarantine people by ASHA and Aganwadi.
  10. Inspection of all containment area along with the Health Department and District Admn. 
  11. Assisting al the resident during the lockdown such as issuing of passes for emergency purposes.
  12. Applying and distribution of curfew passes to all shops in Nongrim Hills for acquiring of essential commodities from market.
  13. Marketing of vegetables purchased from the Agriculture Deptt.
  14. Providing of food right from Breakfast to Dinner to Dr. Sailo’s family for 25 days at free of cost.
  15. Formation of Covid team – consisting of 18 members. 
  16. Donation Received from :- Bah Paul Kharshiing, Dr. R.M. Basaiawmoit, Bah Alwin Phira, Bah Vincent Pala, Bah Charles Pyngrope, Bah Jemino Mawthoh, Bah Fantin Lakadong, Bah Rahbok Kharkongor, Hindustan Uniliver Ltd., Marwari Society, Berger Paints, D.H.S